Allowing you to add some interaction, and marketing tools to any video. This is a really powerful tool any small business, MUSICIAN, or marketer can benefit from.  Discover How To Create Professional, Highly Engaging Animated Video Ads  With The World’s First 100% Facebook Integrated Video Promotion AND  Video Ad Creation Engine On The Planet.

If you have a small business (with any product or service), or you're  into cameras... or marketing... then you know what a pain creating a  video can be, how costly it can become, and how much service providers  vary. Well, if you have the slightest ability with a computer, and your  own business, then this product is for you.

It's really easy, and if you're creating videos that are getting views, then this is a tool you should absolutely employ! YouTube's 'monitization' is annoying, fractions of pennies, and other than 'on or off' it's completely out of your control, and promoting products you don't profit from. Facebook posts cost nothing, but fb ads can cost a bunch and often aren't very attention getting.  With Viddictive, you can regain control, and get some positive attention quickly and easily.

The  idea of video ad creation platform existed before. The idea of a tool  to simplify YouTube  and/or  FB advertising also existed before. However, the idea of putting  them together didn't really exists.

This tool combines them, and an amazing tool to run the most advanced video ads in a few clicks was created. An  All in one platform which create fast catchy video ads based on proven marketing principles, using your words... for your product, service, merchandise, or goal in focus. Easlily set up a campaign that seamlessly integrates with  the Facebook & YouTube to enhance and increase your success.

To say it's cheap is an understatement, INEXPENSIVE and AFFORDABLE are other great adjectives to describe this product. Click Here for more information.

Some things you just have to see

Why Should You Use VideoMakerFX?

First, it is OMG INEXPENSIVE! Scary, really... so much power in such an affordable product. But the developers are using Guerilla Marketing Tactics.  They know they are competing against some huge, well established companies, with brand names nearly everyone can recognize (Adobe, Sony, etc.) Business owners and top marketers ready know the incredible power of a well made video. It's been proven time and time again to boost conversions and sales. But getting them made usually costs thousands of dollars, or if you're technically inclined, hundreds of hours of learning (as well as that trial & error type effort).

Then we stumbled upon VideoMakerFX ! It really is an amazing tool, that is EASY, FAST, and POWERFUL! 

Easy to Use & Master ~ What video creation software doesn't take weeks or months to master? VideoMakerFX can be mastered in just a few hours (and nearly instantly if you have any experience already).

YOU CAN Make AWESOME Videos ~ In Minutes Using VideoMakerFX.  Seriously quick & easy! Impressive!

No Restrictions. Ever ~ No More Limits! No Watermarks! And it really is AFFORDABLE! Honestly! Thanks to the developers, it's really something you should check out while supplies last. Seriously, $47 and You OWN IT!

Create Unlimited Videos & Keep Full Rights to Everything Made! ~ You can even sell your 'making' to bands, businesses, and organizations that are still struggling with Final Cut, Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, or any of the other massively complicated professional video editing tools available.

Grow Your Sales by increasing YOUR FAN BASE ~  It's well established, the more fans you have, the greater number of opportunities you'll have. Captivate & Engage Others! Make Easy Videos For Just About Anything!

               The Next one is OMG             Amazing in what it does!

WP Video Profits... (or FAN BUILDER)?

Super Charge Videos on Your Wordpress Site to Get More Leads, Customers/Fans... more Sales & more opportunity on Complete Autopilot.

  • Opportunity BUILDER!
  • Does All The Work For You
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • Super Simple!
  • Money-Making Plugin
  • Customer Capturing Product
  • Fan Building Plugin

Using WP Video Profits is as EASY as 1-2-3… it was designed by Internet Marketers... to help them capture leads, and increase their sales, which it does.  Perfect for nearly any small business. but we saw a whole additional potential: it can help ANY ONE trying to build a fan base, or promote anything they are doing in video, and help you better interact with those seeing your videos.

Just think, you create a video (or pay to have it created), post it on:

  • Facebook... and unless a person 'likes, shares, or comments' you don't know WHO ALL HAS SEEN IT.
  • YouTube ~ you really don't have a clue who sees your video UNLESS THEY COMMENT. You don't even know who liked or shared it. 
S0, all that time, money, and stress of getting the video out there... and zero way to honestly interact with the viewers. No way to 'contact' them again, unless they subscribe... and then have the time to actually go looking for your newest posts and creations. So, like everyone, you're stuck hoping they will return... and hoping you can create something that will get more positive reactions, more interaction, more feedback. About three years ago, some internet marketers were putting up videos that were getting 100k views in less than 24 hours... but realized that MOST PEOPLE JUST PLAYED THE NEXT VIDEO. No way to interact, besides begging for subscribes or likes... and hoping the viewer would return.

WP Video Profits was the answer. It is a tool designed to assertively & politely CAPTURE LEADS, and PRESS FOR POSITIVE INTERACTION! It's being marketed for Affiliate Marketing stuff, but I see so many different potentials and possibilities for it! THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! This tool built for one thing... for something different, but with virtually no effort, it CAN BE COMPLETELY ADAPTED TO suite your needs! (And frankly, probably with more positive impact and effect than those affiliate marketers average). Kinda like 'the internet,' which was originally designed for COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES, and the science types, to communicate... today EVERYONE HAS IT! This can be quite similar. This is a tool that can absolutely help PROMOTE YOU, YOUR SITE, YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE, and BUILD YOUR FAN/CUSTOMER BASE!  

Click here to see it in action