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It's simple, click on the link closest to the image... and you'll be emailed an eBook on that topic - no charge, no credit card required, no hassles... other than it's for YOUR PERSONAL USE, not to be shared, sold, redistributed, or copied for other purposes. You will be able to open it on your computer, tablet, or phone...  and read at your convenience. Having worked around the 'publishing' industry for nearly three dacades, and prototyping one of the very first 'eBooks' back in the late 80's with an amazing programer, Ken Clever... I was positive the world was going digital, just not sure how long it would take. Sadly, we were decades ahead of the rest of the world.

Most of the eBooks linked below were written in 2016 or 2017, and can be quite helpful to you, your own marketing/branding/and money making goals.  The copyrighted information is being supplied FREE TO YOU - THE INDIVIDUAL PERSON... for your personal use, education, and learning. Again, it IS NOT to be 're-distributed' or shared, or sold by you! That would violate our copyright! If you have family or friends that would benefit from this information, PLEASE LET THEM KNOW, so they can sign up to get their own FREE copy of the eBook legally. We are willing to share some things, and want to help you learn... but generosity still has limits.

If you are a 9 to 5'er, happy punching a clock, these aren't for you.

 The information is for people ALREADY IN business... wanting to improve or increase it, or for those WANTING TO START a business of just about any type.  The information in the FREE eBook should help you develop a more solid foundation, and spark a few useful ideas. These tools helped us, so we licensed these packages to make available to our family, friends, customers, and those that came across our website.  

They cost you nothing but a valid email address. Pick one of the topics, and check it out!

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